1 kg Epoxy Tooling Gelcoat Resinpal 2304 + 100 g Hardener

Item number: 1361-0001

Category: Formenbau

1 kg black epoxy tooling Gelcoat in coating consistency for the production of negative molds based on epoxy resin. High impact resistant, little scratch-sensitive and easy to sand and polish.
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Epoxy tooling Gelcoat Resinpal 2304 is made for the production of negative molds on epoxy basis . It is a black colored fine-layer resin system in excellent quality. The high-thixotropic epoxy coating is resistant to polyester resins dissolved in styrene.

Brushable Resinpal 2304 tooling epoxy-based gelcoat is characterized by very good processing properties. Polyester cover layer resin generates shrinkage during curing, which can cause components to warp. Resinpal 2304 epoxy tooling gelcoat cures without shrinkage and forms high-gloss surfaces. You can easily apply Resinpal EP-gelcoat with a flat brush. Uneven shapes are particularly easy to recognize due to the black color scheme. Producedd components are demoldable after 24 hours and have an abrasion-resistant, tough consistency.

Epoxy tooling Gelcoat Resinpal 2304 should be mixed with an epoxy hardener amount of 10 percent and should be gently stirred before processing. An even coating thickness can be achieved by applying two layers coats of gelcoat. Please note that the first layer is gelled before applying the next layer. The processing temperature should not be lower than 20 degrees.

1,10 kg
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