20 kg Epoxidharz Resinpal 2416 + 10 kg Härter

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Kategorie: Gießharz

Epoxidharz Resinpal 2416 ist ein glasklares Beschichtungsharz und Gießharz auf Basis Epoxidharz. Es kann auch als Gießharz bis zu Schichtstärken von 5 mm eingesetzt werden.
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Resinpal resin 2416 is a high-quality, crystal-clear coating resin, which can also be used perfectly as a casting resin. The UV-resistant multi-purpose material is suitable for embedding objects, for producing complex molded parts and especially for sealing medals, pictures or tabletops and as a protective layer on laminates.

The odor-free Epoxy Resin 2416 hardens water-clear and is the optimum material for the production of coatings and embeddings up to a maximum casting height of 5 mm. The layers are thicker than conventional paints and convince with very valuable appearance. So that the self-leveling, low-shrinkage Resinpal epoxy resin cleanly deaerates and cures without sticking.The crack-resistant casting and coating epoxy resin provides a very good water resistance after hardening and prevents the yellowing of castings.

Epoxy resin Resinpal 2416 is mixed in the resin-hardener ratio 100: 50 by weight. The ideal processing temperature is at least 20 ° C, the processing time around 30 to 35 minutes. Consider the maximum pouring height for one operation.

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