Biaxial Fabric 450 g/m² +/-45°

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Category: Glasgelege

Biaxial fabric with 450 g/m² and + -45 ° fiber direction suitable for components with force distribution in the fiber direction.
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Fiberglass axial fabric consist of long-limbed E-glass fibers which are applied to each other in one (unidirectional biaxial fabric) or in different fiber directions (multiaxial biaxial fabric) and interwoven with each other.

Glass biaxial fabric is generally used on components where the force is applied constantly in the direction of the grain. An example would be wind power rotors, where due to the wind load a relatively high power consumption in a fiber direction is desired.

Other uses for fiberglass biaxial fabrics are in applications where fiber undulation is to be prevented. This produces a relatively smooth, high surface appearance.

Fiberglass biaxial fabric is also very well suited in conjunction with glass filament fabrics if light and highly stable components are to be produced. It is usually a sandwich of glass filament fabric / biaxial fabric / glass filament fabric laminated. The biaxial fabric and the glasfilament fabric are laminated so that as many angle ranges as possible are covered in the pulling direction of the fibers.

The biaxial fabric offered here have a surface weight of 450 g/m² and can be processed with epoxy resin as well as with polyester resin. The consumption of resin is about 0.4-0.6 kg/m² and position. The width of the jelly is 1.25 m.

1,00 m2