Polyester Resin Resinpal 1705 + Hardener

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Category: Polyester Resin

Resinpal 1705 polyester resin including MEKP hardener can be used in conjunction with fiberglass mats, automotive, boat building, model making, swimming pools, ponds, and all types of moldings and components.
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Product properties of Resinpal 1705 polyester resin:

  • Pre-accelerated polyester resin for the manufacture and repair of bodies, boats and moldings of all kinds by hand lamination.
  • Polyester resin Resinpal 1705 is already pre-accelerated with cobalt. For hardening only the supplied MEKP hardener has to be added.
  • Resinpal 1705 polyester resin is tack-free.
  • Resinpal 1705 is a medium-reactive polyester resin, so the processing time is pleasant 25-30 minutes. The laminate can be built wet-in-wet over this time.
  • This synthetic resin is a very universally applicable polyester resin with a good price-performance ratio.
  • Resinpal 1705 contains an indicator to control the MEKP hardener addition by color change. After adding the hardener, a color change occurs. This allows the fabricator to be sure that the MEKP curing agent has been added to the polyester resin. However, the indicator is not used to measure the amount of hardener.
  • Resinpal 1705 can be mixed with polyester color pastes and thereby opaque colored.

Processing of polyester resin Resinpal 1705:

  • The hardener addition (MEKP hardener) should be added least 1.5% and a maximum of 2% (by weight).
  • Resin and hardener should be mixed very homogeneously.
  • During processing, a minimum temperature of 18 ° C should prevail.
  • After the addition of the MEKP hardener, the processing time is about 25 to 30 minutes.
  • The laminate can be made wet-on-wet. If this is not possible, we recommend sanding the cured laminate before relinking.
  • There should be no large quantities of resin mixed at once with the hardener. We always recommend providing quantities between 0.5 kg and 1 kg to keep the exotherme reaction during curing a slow as possible.

    Storage of polyester resin Resinpal 1705:

  • Resinpal 1705 should be processed within 6 months of receipt.
  • The polyester resin should be stored in its original packaging at a temperature between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. Direct sunlight is to be avoided.

    Technical data of Resinpal 1705 polyester resin:

  • Resinpal 1705 is a medium-reacting polyester resin based on orthophthalic acid dissolved in styrene.
  • Resinpal 1705 is Cobalt-pre-accelerated.
  • Recommended MEKP-hardener Addition is 1.5-2% by weight.
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